We Offer the Cleanest and Healthiest Carpet and Oriental Rug Cleaning,or it's FREE!

Hi, my name is Joe DeSouza, and I'm the owner of Healthy Home Carpet Care. (That's my baby girl with me!) With our Allergy-Clene process, We've helped your friends and neighbors get the most sparkling clean carpets they've ever seen. In fact, many tell me they love taking their shoes off and rubbing their toes in the soft, fluffy carpet after they have us clean!

Many of my new clients have told me they were sick of the "cheap, top surface only cleaning" their carpets were getting from other cleaning companies in the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach areas. I am constantly seeing and hearing (and cleaning up) the results of these inexpensive cleaners.

It's an unfortunate thing that there are uneducated & uninformed "cleaners" out there that are advertising that they will clean your whole house, up to 1,000 square feet for $69.00. They are compromising somewhere, whether it be with using harsh janitorial - grade cleaning chemicals to keep costs down, or racing through your home so quick that they leave the carpet soaking wet for days, possibly damaging your investment, and creating a serious mildew problem. A small minority of them are Bait & Switch cleaners, enticing customers with a low price, then raising the price to hundreds of dollars after the cleaning!


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If you are looking for a cheap, brush-the-dirt-off, leave-your-carpet-soaked-for-days coupon cleaner, we respectfully ask that you call someone else. But, if you are looking for a cleaner that guarantees their work, cares for your investment and provides VALUE, then we would be happy to have you as our client.

As the preferred cleaner for communities such as Grand Haven, Breakaway Trails, John Anderson Drive, Hammock Dunes, Ocean Hammock, Cinnamon Beach, and others, we strive to do our best and work our hardest to provide you with the best service possible!


What Makes Us Different Than Any Other Carpet Cleaner:

1. 100% NO - RISK Money Back Guarantee: If you're not happy, I'll re-clean the area for free. If you're still not totally head-over heels thrilled, I'll give you your money back for the areas in question.

2. 30 Day Guarantee: Spots I removed STAY GONE - If a spot can come out, we can get it out. Spots we remove normally stay gone. But just in case, if one does come back, you have a whole month to call us back out to remove it again for FREE!

3. 7 Day Guarantee: If a catastrophe happens to your carpet within the 1st week after we clean it, don't worry, we will come back & spot clean at no charge (Sorry,does not include pet accidents or red stains).

Why do I offer you this triple guarantee?

Because I want you to have peace of mind when you use my services. If you haven't used my service before, and one of my clients hasn't referred you, then you haven't experienced first hand how I turn tired, dirty carpet back into the clean, fluffy, and healthy carpet that you bought and loved. I know I can perform -- but you don't ...yet. So, I've designed my guarantee to make sure that you have absolutely no risk in trying me out. I couldn't afford to give you this guarantee if I were an untrained, poor-quality, $69 whole house special, brush-the-dirt-off-the-surface, type of cleaner.

Just remember, I've staked my name and reputation on my GUARANTEE! Is there any reason why you would hire someone unwilling to guarantee the best cleaning you have ever had?



1) Green Seal approved Cleaning Solutions - NO harsh, dangerous chemicals are used to clean your carpet!

2) Dries in HOURS, NOT DAYS!

3) Low Residue - carpet stays cleaner, longer.

4) Our Allergy Clene system cleanes deep down and removes allergens.

5) We are IICRC Certified.

6) The ONLY CRI Certified Firm in the area.

7) Safe for your pets and kids.

8) We are Honest and Dependable.

9) 30 Day No-Spot Return Guarantee!

10) FREE Spotter with FREE Lifetime Refills!

11) We are the #1 rated Carpet Cleaner on Palmcoast.biz, Flagler county's better business directory!

My clients say their homes feel healthier after we clean their carpets!

We were voted the #1 local Carpet Cleaner for Twelve years straight on www.palmcoast.biz! Click here to read what our clients had to say.

I'm not only dedicated to giving your carpet the most thorough cleaning ever... I'm also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of your life by making your home the optimal healthy environment for your family.

This is why I give a FREE Carpet Health Assessment where I take a close look at your carpet and tell you exactly what will help it look its best, and what we can do to remove anything from them that could be causing an unhealthy environment in your home. We also tell you how you can improve your home's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and show you how to spot clean.

Give Barbara, our office manager, a call right now, (386) 447-2003, so you can have the Cleanest & Healthiest Carpets in the neighborhood!

The Carpet Health Assessment is Free, and there's absolutely no obligation. I come out in uniform and I treat your home the way I would like others to treat my own home. Isn't this what you are really looking for from a professional cleaning company? Call us today and we will get you on schedule. We look forward to serving you!

Joe & Barbara DeSouza

P.S. Please feel free to browse around this site. I've taken a great deal of time to put it together to inform you so you can make important decisions about your flooring investments. My goal is to show you how to keep a safe and healthy indoor living enviroment for you and your family. For friendly free advise, call us and tell us your concerns and we'll do our best to find a solution for your needs. You can reach us at 386-447-2003 or email us at HealthyHomeFL@aol.com

P.S.S. Make sure you read what your neighbors and friends are saying about our services. Like you, they were concerned with who they invited into their home.


We were voted the #1 rated carpet cleaner on www.Palmcoast.biz for the Twelfth year in a row!

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